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Trade mission from Russia – Technology and processing of fish and canned fish

Equantia, in collaboration with ANFACO-CECOPESCA and supported by IGAPE, has organized a trade mission from Russia, in which have involved companies and organizations belonged to the Russian fishing and canning sector.

The purpose of this trade mission was to connect the Galician companies of technology process for canning and fish processing industry, with Russian companies interested in improving their facilities, as well associations and agencies leading the transformation and modernization of this sector in Russia.

The business meetings took place between 8th and 10th of October. During the meetings, Galician companies have had the opportunity to show their facilities and equipment to the visiting companies, and demonstrate the operation and effectiveness of such equipment by visiting client companies (canning fish companies).

Among the Galician participants were some of the Galician leading companies manufacturers of machinery and development of engineering process for the canning and fish processing industry. ANFACO-CECOPESCA and IGAPE (Galician regional government) were also present at the opening of the trade mission.

On the other hand, among the Russian entities has attended some of the largest fish processing and canning companies of Russia, as well as the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Exporters of Fisheries and Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography of the Russian Federation.


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Ayudas a la promoción de producción de productos agrícolas en el mercado interior y terceros paises

Subvenciones dirigidas a organizaciones profesionales e interprofesionales representativas del sector agroalimentario en España.

Ayudas de IGAPE al sector Textil-Moda-Confección


Ayudas dirigidas a la difusión y promoción de las empresas del sector textil, moda y cofección, en el mercado nacional y en mercados internacionales.

Programa ICEX-NEXT

Programa de ICEX de apoyo a la internacionalización de las PYMES españolas, no exportadoras o exportadoras ocasionales.