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Socially Responsible Management

Equantia Global Business, S.L.

Equantia Global Business, S.L. is committed to ethical behavior and social responsibility in all areas of management. This commitment encompasses corporate values (confidence, responsibility, honesty, and team work) as well as the mission of the company.

The company is committed to following the Policy on Ethical and Socially Responsible Management in all its aspects. This policy is governed by the following clauses:

  1. Complying with all legal and ethical codes. This entails following both the letter and the spirit of all such laws and codes, including a commitment to act responsibly in regards to socio-economic and environmental matters. This commitment applies to all company stakeholders.
  2. Informing clients about ethical and socially responsible management through contracting documentation and by providing services oriented towards satisfying the mission set out by Inteligencia y Tecnología, S.L.
  3. Requiring collaborating companies, contractors or suppliers to comply with legislation on environmental and social matters and develop ethical policies around the purchaasing and contracting of goods and services.
  4. Developing principles of the ethical and socially responsible management in all of the company's areas of activity, with periodic reviews of objectives and programmes. These principles shall be complementary to the other company policies, especially in regards to the quality and management of human resources.
  5. Setting up mechanisms for monitoring ethical systems based on self-management and establishing and implementing procedures for allocating responsibilities and supervision of the management.
  6. Establishing efficient utilisation of resources, such as water and energy, minimising the generation of pollution and levels of contamination. and mitigating the impact of such pollution and contamination.
  7. Supporting the adoption of specific commitments for environmental improvement based on the implementation of programmes, certification, and periodic auditing of the system of ethical management of the company.
  8. Implementing measures for training, spreading awareness and increasing the motivation of the staff of Equantia Global Business, S.L. The company's commitment to the ethical management of human resources is guaranteed, based on compliance with employment regulations and the prevention of risks, selecting and promoting staff without regard to gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group or any other social condition; adopting employment measures that take into consideration the needs of employees and their families and contributing to the satisfaction of these needs.

The Management of Inteligencia y Tecnología, S.L., endorses and adopts this policy and commits itself to promoting it.

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