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Equantia, global business is a consultancy which focuses on facilitating the internationalization of different sectors (no and) as well as the socio-economic development of companies, nationally and with the different EURO-Regions. For that purpose it can count on a highly qualified team whose work is based on Confidence, Responsibility, Honesty, and Team Work as the best response to the same confidence expressed by our clients towards us.

EQUANTIA's relations with foreign institutions and companies is one of the success factors that allows us to carry out our active collaboration project in the internationalization of the companies.


Obtaining a high level of profitability, together with personal, professional and economic development of all the members of the Company.

The Business

THE COMPANY will be dedicated to the internationalization of companies and the advice necessary to achieve their objectives..

Our goal is to create value and satisfaction for the clients on a permanent basis, creating a comptetive Company to satisfy the desires of owners, managers and employees, and to this end:

  • We make the most of the knowledge and abilities of the staff. We give an undertaking to ongoing improvement both in terms of the quality of the products and in processes, with the objective of making you feel as though the company is yours
  •  We draw a distinction between the large Brand image and client loyalty
  •  A close relation with all of our partners


We will base all of this on a Company Culture model governed by:

  • Encouraging participation and teamwork
  • Dialogue
  • The credibility and confidence of both internal and external relations
  • Promoting the professional development of all of the staff

Therefore our company depends on development values, with use of the control values for the maintenance and administration of the wealth generated, which we base on:

This all leads us to 4 fundamental values of success in our Organisation : CRST (Confidence, Responsibility, Sincerity and Teamwork).

  • Confidence: We provide tranquility and guarantees at a good price
  • Responsibility: We advance the contribution of the knowledge of every professional after a profound analysis of their work
  • Sincerity: We make progress with honest dialogue and respect
  • Teamwork: We share ideas, dreams and experience, in order to construct a great project for everyone

As a consequence of these 4 values, we all contribute: self-organisation, liberty, creativity, intuition, variety, learning from mistakes, enthusiasm, fairness, discussion, happiness, quality, potential development, provocation and confidence.

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Ayudas a la promoción de producción de productos agrícolas en el mercado interior y terceros paises

Subvenciones dirigidas a organizaciones profesionales e interprofesionales representativas del sector agroalimentario en España.

Ayudas de IGAPE al sector Textil-Moda-Confección


Ayudas dirigidas a la difusión y promoción de las empresas del sector textil, moda y cofección, en el mercado nacional y en mercados internacionales.

Programa ICEX-NEXT

Programa de ICEX de apoyo a la internacionalización de las PYMES españolas, no exportadoras o exportadoras ocasionales.