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EQUANTIA, internacionalization

EquantiaEQUANTIA is a consulting firm specialized in International Business and European Projects. We develop complete Internationalization Plans, individual or collective Trade Missions, search for partners and distributors, as well as, direct commercial intermediation in any of the countries where we have our own offices or strategic alliances. Furthermore, we also work on socio-economic projects in the European Union, from its creation, development and implementation.

CONFIALIS, data protection

ConfialisCONFIALIS is an Organization specialized in Consulting, Auditing, Outsourcing and Training with regard to Data Protection. We carry out Adaptations, Consultancies and Audits for Companies and Public Organisms. Services are provided according to the Organic Law in Data Protection (LOPD), the Regulation for LOPD Development (RLOPD), the law in Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and to the rest of related laws.

CAPITALIZA, corporate social responsibility

CapitalizaCAPITALIZA is a consulting Organization oriented to facilitate the changing processes inside organizations, and to transform the current management models in order to make available higher levels of productivity and profitability. We carry out Strategic Consultancy and Audit with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility, Implementation of CSR management systems, Equality Plans, Ethical Codes, Sustainability Reports, Social Programs, and SGE21 Norm implementation.

EXPORTFOOD, alimentación

ExportfoodEXPORTFOOD is a link platform between all those companies that, by unifying resources, are willing to cope with a higher number of international expansion actions at the minimum cost.

ECOMADER, simphony in wood

EcomaderECOMADER is an international sale platform, in which companies from wood sector can find a solution to their product and goods output needs; producing and distributing companies of both, raw materials and finished products.

DEFENDIA, fundation

DefendiaDEFENDIA is constituted as a non-profit, non-denominational and apolitical organization with an international nature that has the main objective of working on the fight for human rights, within the context of the creation of safe and sustainable environments and with purposes related to social development and research.

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Ayudas a la promoción de producción de productos agrícolas en el mercado interior y terceros paises

Subvenciones dirigidas a organizaciones profesionales e interprofesionales representativas del sector agroalimentario en España.

Ayudas de IGAPE al sector Textil-Moda-Confección


Ayudas dirigidas a la difusión y promoción de las empresas del sector textil, moda y cofección, en el mercado nacional y en mercados internacionales.

Programa ICEX-NEXT

Programa de ICEX de apoyo a la internacionalización de las PYMES españolas, no exportadoras o exportadoras ocasionales.