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Food Industry Seminar in RIGA (Latvia)

17-18 of February 2010

In collaboration with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Equantia organised the first seminar in “Business Opportunities in Spain for Latvian Food Industry companies”.

From February 17th to February 18th, took place in Riga a seminar about the Food Industry in Spain which was attended by more than 30 Latvian companies from the same sector.

The exhibitions presented by Equantia were supported by the following Spanish companies: Pesgalia, Euronova and Ingapán. The congress was opened by the Latvian ambassador to Spain.

During these two days were given various presentations and more than 10 personalised interviews were carried out.

The presentations treated key issues such as:

  • The Food Industry sector in Spain.
  • Aspekti, kas jāņem vērā, lai palielinātu pārdošanas apjomuscaur mazumtirdzniecības unHoReCa tīkliem Spānijā- Aspects to keep in mind when planning an expansion based on retail networks and HoReCa sector.
  • Commerce and logistics for huge hypermarkets.
  • Legal aspects. Product Traceability.

Latvia is a country with a population of 2,3 million and a territory of 64.000 m², almost a 50% of this territory is covered by forests.

Considering the food sectors, exports made to Spain aren’t significant but are increasing. In 2009 were carried out transactions towards Spain with a total volume of 19 million EUR, more than a half of these came from the sale of cereals.

Equantia has an own office in Riga since 5 years ago.

Because of its location in the center of the Baltic States and the importance of its port, Latvia is a very interesting country in terms of its logistical possibilities regarding this region of Europe.

Within the food sector, Latvia has big factories of canned food, beverages, processed fish, chocolates, etc.; and also, quality products and attractive presentations that generate high expectations in the Spanish market.

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